Membrane filter press used for wastewater treatment

The filter chamber of the membrane filter press consists of a diaphragm plate and a chamber plate. With the help of the feed pump, solids and liquids are separated by a filter medium (filter cloth). If the filter cake is formed, then the air or liquid enters the membrane plate. The second squeeze occurs in the membrane plate and the lower water content. Membrane filter presses are suitable for viscous material filters and require the user's moisture content.
Membrane filter plates are molded with reinforced polypropylene, and the film and the polypropylene plate are glued together. It is firm, not easy to fall off, long service life.
Due to the particularity of the alcohol plant, automatic membrane filter press should take a close flow to reduce the impact on the environment. Our recommended filter cloth is a 3927 reinforced filter press that improves filter accuracy and extends service life. In order to promote production safety, you can also use a complete explosion-proof equipment.
If you do not know how to choose the right filter press, please contact us. We will provide more professional advice for your project.