Electric drive,air drive and diesel drive shotcrete machine for sale

Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. can supply electric drive,air drive and diesel drive shotcrete machine. Our shotcrete machine is designed for spraying concrete and refractory concrete dry or wet. Gaodetec shotcrete machine is the most flexible in the lineup shotcrete units AU, and it can be adapted to any types of shotcrete work. If you have need about shotcrete machine, you can contact us, we will offer you the best price. Email:info@gaodetec.com.
Gaodetec shotcrete machine can be used for construction of swimming pools and structures formless way v.t.ch using 3D panels, construction of buildings, concrete repair, fixing rocks in underground and surface construction, strengthening of engineering structures, fire-resistant coating compositions, reinforcement sets of tunnels and reservoirs, rehabilitation of concrete structures and waterproofing coating compositions. Based on the excellent quality, mature work principle and competitive price, Gaodetec has been exported to many national clubs such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, South Africa, France, Oman, Australia, Peru and so on in slope engineering, railway, highway engineering widely used, underground Engineering, tunnel engineering, mining operations, hydropower projects.